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MEGA NFC® medical10 - your new secret beauty weapon

MEGA NFC<sup>®</sup> medical<sup>10</sup>

MEGA NFC® medical10

premium detox

For purchases and enquiries please contact us.

Price for one month course: £300

MEGA NFC<sup>®</sup> medical<sup>10</sup>

MEGA NFC® medical10

premium detox

For purchases and enquiries please contact us.

Price for one month course: £300


Detoxification is a natural function of the human body. While the human body has excellent detoxifying mechanisms built into our livers, kidneys, intestines and skin, 21st century life puts significant burdens on our natural detoxification systems. From harmful chemicals contained in our food and water supply to smog and pollutants in the air, our bodies are incessantly exposed to seemingly increasing amounts of harmful substances. The first symptoms of this slow-burn poisoning are fatigue, irritability, weight issues and poor-quality sleep. Unchecked, these symptoms can evolve into more serious chronic diseases and degenerative conditions. Modern life is forcing us to find ways to reduce our exposure to, and improve our resilience to environmental poisons and certain medicalised chemicals used in chemotherapy for example. Enter detox with MEGA NFC® medical10.

MEGA NFC® medical10 is a unique 100% natural formula which is the only compound available on the market that provides clinically-proven detoxification results. While most people can do little to control their exposure to harmful substances, it is now possible to effectively remove harmful substances and ‘lighten the load’ of our natural detoxification organs (liver, kidneys, intestines and skin) with MEGA NFC® medical10.


Experience the highly effective 100% natural medical detoxifying power of MEGA NFC® medical10 and say goodbye to poisonous substances polluting your body with a volcanic antioxidant.

MEGA NFC® medical10 is more than a standard enterosorbent. Through a unique process of selective ion exchange it replaces the toxins and heavy metals that have accumulated in the body with healthy, natural minerals by attracting the harmful positively charged ions of the toxins. This product contains more than 30 essential minerals that improve natural mineral balance.

As a result, MEGA NFC® medical10 is the perfect solution for people who recently quit smoking or live urban lifestyle as it flushes out harmful lead, mercury, aluminium, cesium, cadmium, ammonium, ammonia, other biogenic amines and decreases the effects of radiation sickness.


MEGA NFC® medical10 contains approximately 70% of high-quality colloidal silica (SiO2), a mineral hailed as ‘the Beauty Mineral’ by the cosmetic industry. 

SiO2 content in the human body decreases with age. This can be seen, for example, in wrinkles on the skin (lines), reduced elasticity of the connective tissue, lifeless hair and hair fall, brittle finger nails, osteoporosis.

Silicon (SiO2) shortage increases with age. This then results in loss of water-binding capacity in the connective tissue. The consequences are, thus, visible on the face. Those, who have regulary consumed silicon dioxide, which forms a major part of clinoptilolite zeolite, at the right time, can keep their connective tissues young even with growing age and can have a wrinkle-free facial skin and dense hair.

The highest silicon content has a newborn. With increasingly age reduces itself the silicon content.


  • It is vital for building and improving the structure of connective tissue, bones, nails, hair, skin and mucous membranes.

  • It is involved in protein biosynthesis

  • It controls the renal function (diuretic = diuresis).

  • It increases the overall resistance of the body by stimulating the unspecific immune system in the basic substance of the extracellular matrix.

  • It manages magnesium and calcium metabolism. Magnesium and calcium cannot be processed adequately without the presence of silicon.

  • The vascular walls harden in the absence of silicon.

  • It prevents osteoporosis.


Powdered MEGA NFC® medical10 delivers positive effects as soon as it is ingested. As the solution passes through the digestive system, it removes toxic substances, significantly reducing the strain on the liver and kidneys (the human body’s natural detoxification organs).

As the solution passes through the digestive tract it binds to harmful substances and discharges them while reducing acidity. READ MORE

The result is a smoother digestion, improved concentration, more energy, and healthier skin


In digestion, sodium bicarbonate produced in the parietal cells is used to regulate the levels of stomach acid. However, when too much ammonium (a toxic substance normally flushed out in the urea cycle) builds up in an overloaded liver, the liver consumes a large portion of the sodium bicarbonate needed to regulate stomach acidity in order to control the level of ammonium. This results in stomach hyperacidity which is also known as acid reflux or heartburn.

Since MEGA NFC® medical10 reduces digestive ammonium and acidity, it is also an effective treatment for acid reflux/heartburn.

MEGA NFC® medical10:

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